Entrevista a Omar Rodriguez Lopez by Australian Guitar Magazine


Hoy la revista Australian Guitar publicó una entrevista a Omar Rodriguez Lopez, la cual abordan temas desde Octahedron, pasando por Noctourniquet, hasta un poco de At The Drive-In. Está muy buena, se las recomiendo.

Editing all of the pieces together must be a nightmare – do you end up with a lot of things on the cutting room floor?

To me, it’s like a film, so I have the final product in mind, I have all the parts in mind and everything’s separate, but I know what it’s gonna look like at the end of the day. The biggest challenge is just getting there with everybody.”….


Link: http://www.australianguitarmag.com.au/2012/05/the-spider-from-mars/


Vía: The Mars Volta Argentina


Saludos! Buena vibra!



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