Entrevista a Cedric Bixler y Tony Hajjar por la Rolling Stone Magazine



Una pequeña entrevista a dos miembros de At the Drive-In: Cedric y Tony.

Years after breaking up, was there anything you needed to do to mend bridges that you hadn’t anticipated?

Bixler-Zavala: There was so much of that, at least for my part. I had a lot of apologizing to do, apologizing to significant others so that they could trust as well. What I think a lot of people don’t realize is the big burden significant others took when that whole thing happened, what they carried for 10 years – for those that stuck around that long. I had to mend that wound, sort of ask to start at Year Zero. At least take me for what I am now. I have definitely had a big impactful change since 2010, and it’s rough to look in the mirror, but it’s such an important thing to do that. You’ll never grow as an artist or a person. I’m just lucky these guys are so open to it. The biggest thing is that they wanted to, really.

Hajjar: In April 2009, before we were even talking about playing together, we went to Omar’s house in Mexico and we literally sat around for four days and talked. And ironically enough, a box of DV tapes was shipped to Jim’s house from an old friend from our last tour. So we would literally press play, watch our past, stop it, talk. For four days. That was just perfect timing. It worked out really good for us in the sense that we got to remember what our issues were. In any relationship, everyone does stupid shit. We’re just happy to come back and have such a good response. We’re really lucky people.

Para leer la entrevista completa visiten: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/q-a-at-the-drive-in-on-their-reunion-tour-aging-in-rock-roll-20120807


Saludos! Buena vibra!



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